«The strangest border in Europe». Lukashenko instructed to settle in 2018, relations with the Russian Federation in the border sphere

In 2018 Belarus should resolve all issues with the Russian Federation in the border sphere. This was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting on Thursday in Minsk, said the Agency «Interfax-Ukraine».

«Since February 2016 of the Belarusian-Russian border acquired an unofficial status, as it is often called the Internet and everywhere, «the strangest border in Europe». Since that time, the Russian side no official notification has begun to implement a full passport control in respect of all the persons in road transport, and then on air and train… It’s not normal that between the two brotherly countries and peoples is restored again the boundary that we so painstakingly filmed over 20 years ago. Don’t know who needs it», – Lukashenka said.

He noted that according to the statements of the Russian Federation, it comes from security considerations.

«But what security can there be if we had joint lists of foreigners who are denied entry to the territory of the Union state. No one may enter who is in these lists. Who is not, has the right to enter until you get to these lists. Therefore, all sorts of excuses and references to the fact that we supposedly not what’s going on here, is done, and therefore we introduce the boundary is untenable,» – said the President of Belarus.

At the same time, according to Lukashenko, in parallel need to address issues of readmission.

«Illegals are coming to us mostly through Russia – this is evidenced by statistics. These issues must be addressed constructively at the negotiating table. For 2018, all questions should be removed. And we live with dignity, setting an example to everyone in the world how can live friendly peoples and States», – he said.

At the beginning of 2017, the border between Russia and Belarus has not been delineated, border crossings did not exist. The edition «Kommersant» wrote that Belarus was used by the Russians, who are denied exit from Russia. They are without passing customs control came into the country and then traveled to Europe and other countries.

In February Russia established border zone at the border with Belarus. Head of the press service of the foreign Ministry Maria Vanshina comments to the BelTA Agency reported that Russia made this decision without notifying Minsk.

From February 12 in Belarus came into force Lukashenka’s decree, which provides for visa-free entry into the country for a period of not more than five days for citizens of 80 countries in time of arrival via the national airport Minsk.

From may 15 the Russian Federation has imposed border controls for aircraft and passengers arriving from Belarus and flying back.

«The strangest border in Europe». Lukashenko instructed to settle in 2018, relations with the Russian Federation in the border sphere 11.01.2018

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