The state will provide 22 million on the mystery Thriller «Egregor»

The state Agency of Ukraine for the movie had signed a contract with the company «solar Media entertainment» on the granting of the project «Egregor» directed by Lubomyr Levytsky state financial support in the amount of UAH 22 million.

About it reports a press-service of the state on Thursday January 26.

Feature film «Egregor» was one of the winners of the 9th competition for the selection of the state, received one of the highest points. Film Director Lubomir Levitsky, he, along with Sergey of Kesternich wrote the script. The film’s producer — Sergey Lavrenyuk.

Adventure Thriller with elements of mysticism will be shot in Ukraine (Kiev, Lviv), France and Germany. The production of the film, whose total cost is 66 million 268,7 thousand UAH, will be completed in winter 2018.

In the scenario of the film is the story about how for hundreds of years the order are fighting for the ability to control the consciousness of humanity. Victor Grabowski is the father of the child, which order was chosen to materialize the world’s most powerful egregore. To find his abducted son, man will have to overcome many obstacles.

According to Levitsky, the idea of the film «Egregor» came to him after reading the study «the effect of the hundredth monkey». An experiment conducted by Lawrence Blair and the Lael Watsona in the mid-1970s, proving paranormal the rapid spread of information society from a group that gained a critical mass – a hundred people.

The state will provide 22 million on the mystery Thriller «Egregor» 27.01.2017

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