The state property Fund let the «black sea shipping» with the hammer

The state property Fund of Ukraine has put state shipping company «black sea shipping company» (PMP) for privatization.

This information is available in «Vedomosti privatization».

The value of fixed assets of a shipping company, as at 30 September 2016 is 180467 thousand UAH, residual — 83168 thousand UAH.

SPF also put up for privatization, the state enterprise of waterways «Ustanovitvi».

The report noted that these businesses do not have strategic value for economy and security of the state.

«Black sea shipping company» — a company of Ukrmorrechflot, to carry out the transport of goods and passengers within Chernomorskogo pool, as well as the repair and construction of ships at shipyards. As of 1992, the composition of the CHMP were 255 vessels. Debt at December 1992 amounted to $ 170 million.

During 1993, 160 vessels were transferred to offshore companies. In 1994-1997 the number of ships «black sea shipping company» have declined by more than 200, including in the years 1995-1997, the company has lost 171 boat.

As of 2004, in «black sea shipping company,» there were 6 ships, and loans amounted to 11.1 million dollars. In 2008, the black sea shipping company, there were one self-propelled pontoon «Famous».

In early 2013, ex-President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk said that the transformation of the «black sea society» joint-stock company was a mistake.

The state property Fund let the «black sea shipping» with the hammer 11.01.2017

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