The state order in universities this year will not be reduced — Grinevich

The number of budget places in universities of Ukraine in the current year will not be reduced.

On Tuesday, June 14, at the meeting with the rectors of the universities announced by the Minister of education and science, Liliya Hrynevych, UNIAN reports.

«It was a lot of talk about the reduction of state orders. This is not true. In absolute terms, the number of seats is less, but the real picture is — in relative terms. Last year upper secondary education have 229 thousand people, that 210. On the bachelor last year, there were 97 thousand of budgetary places this year — 91, but will be 110 thousand, if we add a Junior specialist and master. That is, 54% of public order in General in the current year», — said the Minister.

Hrynevych also said that the minimum state order made up in 1996 to 25.5%, in 2008 — 34%. And this year the order is only for undergraduate — 43.3%, and last year was 42.4 per cent.

The education Minister also said he believes the failed idea of financing vocational education only from the local budget. In her opinion, education should be financed at the expense of subventions from the state budget.

«Absolutely the wrong decision for the management of vocational education. We are trying to fix for the next budget year. This education was transferred to the wrong level of control, was not given support by educational subventions. It will be resized», — said Grinevich.

At the same time, the Minister said that since the beginning of the next academic year vocational schools at the regional level will have the state order, which was financed from the educational subsidy.

Earlier, Grinevich declared that the Ministry of education and science offers a sharp increase of the state order for specialists in the it sector and a quantitative reduction in the area of podgotovki economists and lawyers.

The state order in universities this year will not be reduced — Grinevich 14.06.2016

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