The state forbade German film because of the positive image of FSB

The state Agency of Ukraine for the movie banned the film the German production Tschiller: Off Duty (literally — «Camper: out of service») due to the positive image of the employee of the Russian Federal security service (FSB). About it reports Deutsche Welle with reference to the first Deputy Chairman of Goskino Sergey Neretina.

«Ukrainian law treats by far. Movies where there is a positive (images — Ed.) employees of the Russian FSB, we are prohibited regardless of the country of origin», he said.

The decision to ban the rentals in Ukraine said film of the state was adopted at the meeting on Friday, November 11.

In the story, the main character played by famous German actor til Schweiger is sent to Moscow to save the kidnapped by traffickers daughter. There it helps FSB major, lit as a positive hero.

According to Neretina, analysis of conformity of Ukrainian law film takes place in the presence of experts from the special Commission of the state. After viewing the tape corresponding decision is accepted by voting.

Note, the national Council on television and radio in January-October of the current year recorded and submitted to the State Agency for cinema (the film) 93 reference upon broadcast of domestic TV channels banned Russian films and TV series, which is 1.5 times more than in 2015. Relevant data are presented in the infographic posted on the page’s Governor Yuriy Artemenko.

By results of consideration of appeals of the state controller during the reporting period, revoked the distribution certificate for 11 movies and series. Another 60 cases are pending.

The state forbade German film because of the positive image of FSB 13.11.2016

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