The state Committee told about the Ukrainian broadcasting in the occupied territories

In Severodonetsk the Luhansk region held a meeting of the interdepartmental Commission on ensuring of stable functioning of the system of national television and radio broadcasting.

Participation the meeting was attended by the Chairman of the state Committee Oleg Nalivaiko. The meeting discussed the issues of information security in Luhansk and Donetsk regions and counter Russian propaganda in the conditions of hybrid war, reports the press service of the state Committee.

According to the Committee, now in the zone ATO increasing the power of local media, recovering Ukrainian broadcasting. «In particular, in the past year in the area of ATO resumed broadcasting two regional TV channel. For the propagation of Ukrainian broadcasters in Lugansk and Donetsk regions established 43 new transmitter, using the unoccupied territory of the Luhansk region and partly in the South-East of Lugansk region, captured by militants, watch Ukrainian channels».

«Terrorists are trying to block the Ukrainian broadcasting. But in the near future in Lugansk region will be set a new 135-meter tower to ensure the broadcast of programs in the occupied part of the region. Tower free Ukraine foreign partners. In the near future will also be significantly enhanced by the presence of Ukrainian broadcasters on the radio and, in particular, in the temporarily occupied territory», — noted in the state Committee.

In Severodonetsk the Chairman of the Committee Oleg Nalivaiko met with employees of the TV channel and radio LOT «Pulse». He thanked all those who have restored and develops regional broadcasting. In response to the proposal to take the media of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions from the effects of the laws on public broadcasting and reform of state and municipal print media Nalivaiko noted that the discussion about whether to be or not to be public service broadcasting, behind, and the reverse path does not exist.

«The laws on the denationalization of print media and the creation of public broadcasting is our core principles of reforming the media sphere. In my opinion, the sooner we implement them, will create really powerful independent media — the better it will be for society and for journalists. Media reform needs to occur throughout the it industry, in all regions of Ukraine in order that the word of truth, which is the best counter-propaganda, dispelled the Russian news dope in the minds of our fellow citizens,» said nalivaika.

Recall, edited the law «On reforming state and communal printed mass media» the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed on December 26. Previous version was vetoed due to the fact, that «the law does not provide for the obligation of a reformed state and municipal print media for the language preservation publications. With this approach there is a risk of reducing the number of editions in the state language. In the information aggression issues on the protection of linguistic-informational space of Ukraine is of particular importance».

The state Committee told about the Ukrainian broadcasting in the occupied territories 08.02.2016

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