The state Bureau of investigation will earn not earlier than January — Holodnitsky

The state Bureau of investigation will work no earlier than January 2017. This opinion was expressed by specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor Nazar Holodnitsky, transfer «Ukrainian news».

«If all goes positively and with the assistance of, God forbid, to 1 January (2017) earned», he said.

«But funding for the RRG? To the Director of the state Bureau began its work, as I once, when I went to the parliamentary committees, the presidential Administration to get funding,» he added.

On March 1, as provided by law, the Bureau of investigations does not work.

«It won’t work. There is no who to work with. In December 2015 the Verkhovna Rada together with Gorbatyuk (head of the special investigation GPU), this issue was raised, but then it was pointed out by the deputies. And now they are surprised,» said Holodnitsky.

He added that on February 24, the Cabinet ministru only identified three candidates for the competition Commission to choose the head of the office.

«But the leader does not mean that the body has already earned, it’s a long process», he said and added that «we need to actively discuss the question of the RRG».

In his view, that did not stop the investigation «Affairs of the Maidan», it is necessary to postpone the provision on the launch of the RRG.

«Competition for the Director of RRT can last two to three months. God grant that on 1 June was elected Director» — summed up Holodnitsky.

As is known, on February 27, President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree «On appointing persons to the Commission on carrying out competition to fill the vacancy of Director of the State Bureau of investigation».

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the law «On the State Bureau of investigation» November 12, 2015 the document was signed by the President on 14 January 2016. RRT will carry out law enforcement activities «for the purpose of prevention, detection, suppression, disclosure and investigation of crimes within its competence».

The state Bureau of investigation will earn not earlier than January — Holodnitsky 29.02.2016

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