The state Bureau of investigation there is no one to lead. Candidates trying to lure a salary of 44 thousand

May 10, only three candidates filed for the competition Commission documents on the occupation of leadership positions in the State Bureau of investigation, 8 Jun ends the deadline for the submission of these documents.

On 30 may at the press conference said the first Deputy Minister of justice and member of the Commission on carrying out competition on occupation of positions of RRT Natalia Sevastyanova, reports UKRINFORM.

Sevastyanov said that at this stage of the competition Commission accepts documents from applicants for only three positions — Director, the first Deputy and Deputy Director of the RRT.

«Only a little more than a week until the end of reception of documents on these three vacancies and three filed documents. This is unacceptable. But I hope that more documents will come towards the end of the application period,» — said Sevastiyanov.

She noted that all employees of the RRG provided a «decent wage».

«The head of the RRG will receive approximately 44 thousand hryvnias, and the investigator of a simple on — 29 thousand. This is a competitive salary on the market today,» said the official.

Sevastyanov recalled that senior positions RRG can apply the citizens of Ukraine, not younger than 35 years old having higher legal education, work experience in the field of law for at least 10 years experience in senior positions at least 5 years, knowledge of the state language, lack of criminal record and lack of membership in any party.

During the competition applicants for positions in the GBR will have to take a polygraph and tests for control of knowledge in the field of applicable law, and all lists of candidates who will apply for positions in the GBR, will be made public, said Sevastyanov.

«We need to have a complete picture of who purport to lead the body which in fact will engage a very large piece of the investigation in this country,» she said.

First Deputy Minister hopes that «we will hear the professional legal community and the public in the near future we will get a serious pool of candidates.»

Sevastyanov reminded that the RRT will take the function of investigation from prosecution and therefore it is very important not only to create it quickly, but to find the «qualitatively new people not from the system».

Another member of the competition Commission novel maydannyk said that, in General, the RRG will operate 1,500. Thus, according to him, the investigative divisions of the Bureau should be no more than 49% of the employees of the existing investigators.

«Other employees are persons who have not worked in the Prosecutor’s office. This body should be a genuinely new and independent,» he said.

Maydannyk also reminded that the GBR as a special law enforcement Agency, will conduct pre-trial investigation of crimes committed by officials who occupy especially responsible position, crimes committed by officials of NABOO, and crimes against the established order of military service that are stipulated by the relevant law.

We will remind, on February 29, the Cabinet adopted a decree establishing a State Bureau of investigation (GBR) and approved six of the nine members of the competitive Commission on election of its Directors. Three more determined by the President.

Since March 1, the RRT has received the authority to investigate cases which are still investigated by the Prosecutor’s office. However, the body still is not running.

The state Bureau of investigation there is no one to lead. Candidates trying to lure a salary of 44 thousand 31.05.2016

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