The staff of the Library of Ukrainian literature in Moscow has issued a statement in support of Sharina

The staff of the Library of Ukrainian literature in Moscow is categorically against the claim of 2.4 million rubles filed by the new leadership of the Library of Ukrainian literature (BUL) suspended Director Natalia Sharina. Employees also fear for the fate of the institution due to changes made to it.

This is stated in the statement of the Library staff.

«We were surprised to learn the news about the lawsuit on behalf of the Library of Ukrainian literature in Moscow to Sharina Natalia G. on the compensation of «damage» and the attempt of the plaintiff to represent the library in this regard, the «victim». We strongly protest against the fact that on behalf of the library was pledged by individuals without any relation to librarianship. In our view, required the plaintiff to Sharina claim is cynical and immoral, they are a disgrace to both the library and the city and the country,» — said in a statement.

It also States that «during the year library management the current temporary appointed Director Vidineeva Natalya, alas, has not taken a single step towards the development and preservation of the library… don’t deserve respect from library staff because of their lack of professionalism, far from the elementary ethical norms of conduct incompatible with the status of the head of the cultural institution».

Library staff who signed the statement, see in all this «deliberate, step by step take place undermining state institutions», the whole of Russia the library of Ukrainian literature.

In closing statements to the officers Express full confidence in Moscow under house arrest Natalia Sharina, which they call «Librarian with a capital letter, a librarian by vocation.»

Earlier the lawyer Sharina, head of «Team 29» Ivan Pavlov Russian media have reported that the BULL in the person of its new head said a civil lawsuit against suspended Director for 2.4 million rubles, after which the Library staff and found it necessary to make his statement. This krikunenko V. G., head of Department of Ukrainian studies, cultural and educational programs, the veteran of work; Muntean T. G., head of the acquisition Department of the library Fund; Murashov, S. L., librarian of the processing literature; Radenkova E. V., head of Department storage, and delivery of library stock, the veteran of work.

As reported, the Russian law enforcement bodies on October 28 2015 have raided the Library of Ukrainian literature, after which its Director Natalia Sharina was arrested. Concerning it criminal case under article 282 of the criminal code ( incitement of national hatred and enmity, and also humiliation of human dignity). April 5, the library’s Director was indicted on another charge — embezzlement (part 4 of article 160 of the criminal code). According to the lawyer Ivan Pavlov, presentation of the second charges was done for insurance reasons, because of the uncertainty in the weight first.

November 2, Meshchansky court of Moscow began to consider a criminal case of the Director of the Library of Ukrainian literature Natalia Sharina on the merits.

The book Fund of the Library of Ukrainian literature (BUL) will give the Centre of Slavic cultures, which is created on the basis of the Library of foreign literature named. M. I. Rudomino («Foreigner»), as previously discussed in July 2016.

The staff of the Library of Ukrainian literature in Moscow has issued a statement in support of Sharina 04.02.2017

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