The speakers of parliaments of the Baltic States and Northern Europe arrive in Ukraine

Speakers of Baltic and Northern Europe on Monday, 1 February, will begin a visit to Ukraine. About it reported in a press-service of the Estonian Parliament.

On Monday, the speakers will meet with the head of the Ukrainian Parliament Volodymyr Groisman and Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. They will perform in Kyiv at a press conference, and will also meet with representatives of the factions of the Parliament.

On Tuesday, the presidents of parliaments will hold a meeting with President Peter PoroshenkoOh, the President’s representative in Crimea, Mustafa Dzhemilevand the Crimean Tatars by Rafat Chubarov.

As noted before leaving the Chairman of the Estonian Parliament Eiki Nestor, in the framework of cooperation of the parliamentarians of the Baltic States and Nordic countries for the past several years, «special attention is paid to cooperation with countries, while standing at the crossroads».

According to him, by the example of three Baltic countries the delegation members intend to show what, why and how they did and accomplished.

«The commonality of the recent past will enable us, to some extent, it is better to explain these things, than our European partners. But this is only possible in a personal meeting, which will be an open and honest conversation», — said the speaker of the Estonian Parliament.

Earlier it was reported that the Baltic countries will help Ukraine implement the «electronic Parliament».

14 December 2015, in Kyiv the heads of defence agencies of Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland signed a joint Declaration on cooperation.

The speakers of parliaments of the Baltic States and Northern Europe arrive in Ukraine 01.02.2016

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