The son of the President of Venezuela threatened the United States taking the White house

The son of Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, Jr., has threatened the United States of America taking the White house, if Venezuela is attacked. About it reports Reuters.

At the meeting of the constitutional Assembly that was elected in July, he advised the President of the United States Donald Trump to «do their business» and to solve «its own problems».

Maduro, Jr. stated that in the event of an attack on Venezuela rifles «fall in new York,» and the White house will be taken.

The Agency notes that the opposition of Venezuela could not decide how to respond to threats on the part of trump.

April in Venezuela, held mass protests against Maduro and amendments to the Constitution, they became victims of more than 100 people.

30 July in Venezuela passed a vote of delegates to the constitutional Assembly, which, according to the plan, Maduro should amend the basic law in force since 1999. On July 31, the President said that the government won the elections for the constitutional Assembly.

In connection with the elections to the Assembly, the United States imposed sanctions against Maduro. The EU has said that countries – members of the organization may not recognize a constitutional Assembly in Venezuela, and believe that the elections have exacerbated the crisis in the country.

August 11, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he wants to meet with trump. He also instructed to arrange with the American President on the phone.

Trump said he would not rule out the»military option» in Venezuela, if need be.

The Minister of defense of Venezuela Vladimir Padrino said these words of the President of the USA «mad».

The son of the President of Venezuela threatened the United States taking the White house 13.08.2017

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