The son Azarov decided to sell his Villa in Vienna

Owned by Alexei Azarov , the company L. A. D. A. Holding Anstalt was put up for sale the house in the Vienna area Strehle-Gasse. This was reported in his Facebook Austrian journalist Herwig Heller the.

10 bedroom house 700 square meters, selling for 4.9 million euros.

Property category — family Villa (familienvilla).

Also L. A. D. A. Holding Anstalt still can’t sell the house in the Austrian town of Mariazell (Federal state of Styria), on sale in the fall of 2015. In recent months the cost has dropped from 900 thousand to 750 thousand euros.

The journalist believes that the house is in the Strehle-Gasse was intended for former Ukrainian Prime Minister gathered there to conduct their own retirement.

«I’m pretty sure that in my time here I really wanted to stay for Mykola Azarov, says Heller. — Between 2012 and 2016 there was still an active construction has built a solid hut for protection, added a balcony above the entrance and, most likely, much more».

As reported, on January 29, 2016 General court of the European Union lifted sanctions against the son Azarov, in effect since March 6, 2014. Besides, unlike his father, Alexei Azarov no longer subject to limitation because personal data was not mentioned in the new documents given by the General court of the EU of Ukrainian law enforcement.

To clarify the situation with representatives of Gencode the EU was to meet the Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy KASKO. However, on 15 February, he resigned.

«The management of Prosecutor’s office finally turned her body, dominated by mutual responsibility, and any attempt to change this situation within the Prosecutor’s office immediately and prosecuted indicative», — explained his decision KASKO.

Azarov now hiding in Moscow. After the victory of the Revolution of Dignity official has been announced in the national search.

The environment of the former head of the Cabinet in the Kremlin is lobbying the idea of appointing him the head of ORDO instead of the odious Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky.

The son Azarov decided to sell his Villa in Vienna 22.02.2016

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