The situation in ATO area is escalating, illegal armed groups have intensified in Luhansk direction

For the past day in the zone of ATO in the Donbass, no one died Ukrainian soldier, one was injured, said the speaker of the presidential administration of Ukraine on ATO Alexander Motesanib</b>.

«For the past day in the fighting, none of the Ukrainian servicemen were killed, but one soldier was wounded. It happened in the area of Gorlovka», — he said at a press briefing on Thursday in Kyiv.

Motesanib noted that the situation in the zone of operations escalates, the militants used heavy weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements.

«The IAF has intensified on Lugansk the direction from mortars of 120 mm calibre they were shooting in the direction of Stanytsia Luhanska, several mines exploded near CPW, also from 82 mm mortar rounds were fired at our positions near Trehizbenka,» said he.

The enemy also used mortars in the direction of Donetsk – in the area of Dzerzhinsk, the ATO forces came under sniper fire in the area of Mayorsk.

On the Mariupol direction in the area of Marinci, the IAF violated the silence regime for 17 times, from mortars the opponent shot in the area Krasnogorovka, Gotovo.

Motesanib also informed that the militants specifically shoot at their positions to continue to blame the ATO forces.

According to him, from «Gradov», established in controlled by the militants Kominternovo, the charges were released into occupied them same Shanka. The IAF also fired controlled by the Ukrainian government n October.

Note, for the last day illegal armed groups have intensified across the front line. The enemy fired on Ukrainian positions 55 times.

The speaker of the presidential Administration of Ukraine on ATO Andrei Lysenko said that almost every day increases the number and intensity of attacks. Often the enemy uses heavy weapons. He also informed that at the Donetsk direction, insecurity remains across the front. The most difficult situation, according to him, persists in zaytsevo, where on Tuesday held a series of enemy attacks with the use 120-mm mortars. Another mortar attack took place near Mayorsk. In addition, according to Lysenko, the situation has escalated around the Donetsk airport.

Earlier today it was reported that after the closure of a crossing point in zaytsevo, militants fired several settlements of more than 150 min, using «scorched earth tactics».

The situation in ATO area is escalating, illegal armed groups have intensified in Luhansk direction 04.02.2016

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