The Severodonetsk Prosecutor, the judge and the lawyer got burned on a bribe

The military Prosecutor’s office detained the Deputy Prosecutor of Severodonetsk (Luhansk region), which partners had received a bribe of 6 thousand dollars from a suspect who was threatened with imprisonment.

On Friday 23 October, said Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine – chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios, transfers «Interfax-Ukraine».

«Arrested was in fact on a hot Deputy Prosecutor of the city of Severodonetsk, which together with a group of persons consisting of the judge of the Severodonetsk city court and the lawyer-mediator has received yesterday and today undue advantage in the amount of 6 thousand dollars. for the failure and non-imposition of a sentence connected with deprivation of liberty from one of the suspects in criminal proceedings, which was considered by the judge Severodonetsk city court», — he told at a briefing in Kiev.

Matios noted that during the searches in the workplace and at home was discovered, the entire amount received by these persons – the Prosecutor, the judge and the lawyer.

In addition, the chief military Prosecutor said that in the place of residence of the judge were found as money received as a bribe in this case and other funds for 25 thousand dollars., the origin of which is difficult to explain.

He also explained: «Can you imagine how the person that should receive real punishment, unfortunately, patience is over, if he stated that he require money to change the sentence.»

According to Matios, according to Ukrainian legislation, the judge may not be detained without delay.

Answering specifying question, what amounts were found at home and at work at the Prosecutor, Matios said: «All funds in the amount of 6 thousand dollars. who received all three of these entities – the lawyer, the judge and the Prosecutor of Severodonetsk and in conducting searches it is withdrawn. 6 thousand dollars for everyone».

Recall that in late September, the General Inspectorate of the state office of public Prosecutor together with employees of SBU detained «on hot» two prosecutors — Deputy Prosecutor of Vovchansk district, Kharkiv region and the Prosecutor of the Department of the Kharkiv regional Prosecutor’s office. The investigation established that for a long time, prosecutors artificially created obstacles for one of the companies during customs clearance of import, offering their «services» to eliminate them.

The Severodonetsk Prosecutor, the judge and the lawyer got burned on a bribe 23.10.2015

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