The security service has no grounds to open a case against ex-chief editor of «inter»

Available to the security Services do not give grounds to Institute criminal proceedings against the former chief editor of TV channel «inter» Maria Stolyarova. About it on air «5 channel» said the press Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya.

«The security service carried out the system analysis and studied it (Stolyarova) messages in social networks, her reporting on TV as a Russian journalist. We will give an appropriate assessment of these reports, but so far all of her statements though, contain elements of great sympathy for terrorist organizations, but we did not find direct quotations, grounds for the initiation of criminal proceedings», — she noted.

Gitlyanskaya added that the SBU will continue to examine its materials.

«While those that we have available, give us no grounds to initiate criminal proceedings», — said the press Secretary of the SBU.

She noted that in a country of law, you cannot detain a person if there are enough grounds.

As you know, carpenter has appeared in the scandal center after obscenely swore in the time of Maidan, where was honoring the memory of heroes of Heavenly hundred.

After that, the SBU stated that will verify statements Stolyarova, which is also made in social networks a number of odious statements.

The national Council on television and radio has announced an unscheduled inspection of the TV channel «inter» because of the scandal with the editor-in-chief.

February 24, a woman was fired from his job. On the evening of 24 February, Stolyarov expelled outside Ukraine.

The security service has no grounds to open a case against ex-chief editor of «inter» 26.02.2016

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