The security guard of the shopping center in Kemerovo said in court that the fire alarm was faulty before the fire

The security guard of shopping centre «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo Sergei Antoshin, who is accused of tripping the fire alarm, said that she was defective before the fire. He said this to journalists before the sitting of the court, writes «Interfax».

He said that on March 19 he wrote a report on the management of the shopping center, but because the technical Director was aware of the situation.

Antoshin said that since the start of the fire call the emergency services and your supervisor.

According to him, the security guard had the alarm not turned off, but it was faulty for a few days because of the alleged repair.

In court, Antoshin denied his guilt. He stressed that the fire occurred due to a malfunction notification system for which you are responsible technique.

During the trial, the investigator stated that after the fire started Antoshin saw on the monitor an alert about the fire, but closed it. This is stated in the video feed from the court, which is published on the YouTube channel Life.

Earlier in the interrogation, the guard said that was not included manually on the alarm system in the Mall.

«The button is called «start notification», but I haven’t pressed the button as confused in an emergency and for all situations, related to fire. Previously, this button did, and it worked,» – said in testimony Antoshina, which was read in court.

One of the witnesses said that when he ran up to the post Antoshina, he pressed the buttons, and then said: «does Not work for me nothing!»

The defendants in the case are managing the «Winter cherry» Hope Sedenak, technical Director of the SEC George Sobolev, the head of the company, engaged in maintenance of fire alarm systems in the Mall, Igor Polozenko and his subordinate, Alexander Nikitin, and the security guard accused that he disabled the fire alarm. Anchusin is an employee of Choo «Center of protection».

In Sledkom reported today that the investigation seeks to arrest all the defendants in the case.

Fire in four-storey shopping centre, «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo took place on 25 March. According to the statement of local authorities, the fire started in a children’s trampoline room. According to the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation on March 26, in the accident killed 64 people, is missing. According to relatives, the victim of the tragedy was 41 children.

«Medusa» reported that the building has no fire alarm, the shopping centre had to inform the visitors. Some of them were cut off from the exits, they jumped from Windows or were out on the roof where they were rescued by firemen.

The incident Sledkov RF opened a criminal case under article 109, 219 and 238 (causing death by negligence; violation of requirements of fire security, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons providing services not meeting safety requirements) of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who arrived in Kemerovo, said the causes of the tragedy of criminal negligence and carelessness.

The security guard of the shopping center in Kemerovo said in court that the fire alarm was faulty before the fire 28.03.2018

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