The Secretary of state of the Ministry of environment declared the gift of 30 thousand dollars

State Secretary of the Ministry of ecology and natural resources Gennady Dmitrenko published electronically for the year 2016. According to the document, last year his salary on the main job amounted to almost 200 thousand UAH, writes the Ukrainian truth.

We will remind that before appointment as the Secretary of state in December 2016 he worked as the first Deputy the Governor of Zhitomir.

In addition, Dimitrenko got 882 thousand income from the sale of real estate, 631 thousand declared on behalf of the son of Secretary of state.

Another major source of official income in 2016 was a gift in foreign currency. It is 30 thousand dollars, and in recalculation on the hryvnia, 816 ths. According to the Declaration, a gift he received from Victoria Vasilyevna Shostak, however, no information about her could not be found.

His wife Ruslan Dmytrenko, working in the State financial inspection of Ukraine (position not indicated), has made more than her husband – 312 thousand UAH.

Is owned by the family of Secretary of state and a certain amount of expensive real estate, but most of it was on the wife and son of Dmitry. So, to Gennady Dmitrenko owns a land area of 0.1 ha in Zhytomyr. His wife owns the land 0.1 ha in Zhytomyr oblast and in Kiev, covering an area of 38 sq. m.

Another apartment in the capital on 94 square is jointly owned by wife and son.

In General, younger Dimitrenko is the most secure in the family estate. It recorded 4 of the land (three near Kiev and one in Zhitomir region) and 1 residential house on 260 sq m in the capital.

Bank accounts the head of the family holds only a little over 8 thousand dollars and 800 UAH, but the cash in his hands as much as 30 thousand us dollars. 3 thousand dollars is on account of son Dmitry and his wife Victoria, it seems, distrusts banks.

Ironically, the road transport owned by the family members Dmitrenko not declared, although the Secretary of state and registered in the Zhytomyr region, and his wife has an apartment in Shevchenkovsky district. In Kiev, there are housing only son.

As reported, in December the contest Commission for senior civil service elected Gennady Dmitrenko state Secretary of the Ministry of ecology and natural resources.

The Secretary of state of the Ministry of environment declared the gift of 30 thousand dollars 26.01.2017

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