The scientists already hope to contact the module Philae on the «Ukrainian» comet Churyumov — Gerasimenko

The chance to contact Philae module on the surface of the comet Churyumov — Gerasimenko close to zero, the last attempt to give him the command was to no avail, reports TASS. About the Agency Tuesday, January 12, said the head of the permanent mission of the European space Agency (ESA) in the Russian Federation Rene Pichel.

«The Philae module is not contacted by 9 July 2015, and the chances of contacting him were close to zero», — he said.

As explained by Pixel, the comet continues to move away from the Sun, therefore, worsen the conditions for possible resumption of operation of the transmitter module «on the surface of the comet becomes too cold.»

«Specialists of the PMU Rosetta mission at the German aerospace center DLR while still trying to establish communication with the landing module Philae. The last such attempt to send a command to turn on gyro on the module was held on January 10, and again to no avail,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Recall that Philae landed on the comet in November 2014, thus entering history as the first machine that was able to successfully land on the comet and drill the surface to take soil samples. The module was also able to take samples of the water revealed that it differs from that found on Earth.

The module worked three days, and then, having exhausted the reserves of energy, stop signal and went into sleep mode. Initially it was expected that module accumulate the necessary to resume the charge at the beginning of spring, but it never happened.

In June Philae managed to recharge the batteries and come out of hibernation. He then transferred to the Ground more than 300 data packets, the first session lasted 85 seconds. However, in July the contact with the probe was lost again.

The Rosetta spacecraft was launched 11 years ago and reached my goal in August last year. During these years, Rosetta has gone 6 400 000 000 kilometres along a very complicated path, it is five times the distance from earth to the Sun. For 11 years the unit several times changed the direction of flight to reach the target, once become acquainted with Mars and three by Earth. Rosetta also successfully overcame the asteroid belt, simultaneously exploring two asteroids, 2867 steins, 21 Lutetia. Its meeting with the comet had already made 10 the loudest and expected breakthroughs of 2014 in the world of science.

Comet Churyumov — Gerasimenko was opened in 1969 in Kiev. According to the discoverer of the comet Ukrainian researcher Astronomical Observatory of climate Churyumov, this comet may be the key to understanding how life emerged on Earth. Allows a scientist to open them comet organic compounds, which were once the main elements of the origin of life on our planet.

The scientists already hope to contact the module Philae on the «Ukrainian» comet Churyumov — Gerasimenko 12.01.2016

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