The scammers used the name of Ivo Bobul to pull the «dog» Scam

People’s artist of Ukraine Ivo Bobul became the «face» of the new tricks scammers without knowing. The attackers decided, under the guise of his name, breed compassionate people, writes

The reason for this, they chose very relevant. 5 Feb in Bryukhovychi Lviv region burned down the only shelter for dogs «Charity», and 300 animals were left without shelter and cooked food.

Without hesitation, the attackers created in the social network Facebook fake page and posted a message about the sad fate of the shelter, calling to transfer money to his recovery and help the animals, putting the card account «PrivatBank».

It is clear that a familiar name and face noticed, the people believed and began to transfer the money. One commenter even wrote a message that they have sacrificed a thousand hryvnia.

But the next day the real Ivo Bobul on his official Facebook page, addressed to fans and said that the page where you collect «donations» has nothing to do with him. He urged not to respond to any provocations, posts or SPMs from other accounts

The singer also said that the author of «clone» blocked him, so he can’t send the administration of the social network request that they blocked a fraudulent account.

Earlier in Ukraine there were «bounty hunters» online fraudsters.

The scammers used the name of Ivo Bobul to pull the «dog» Scam 09.02.2017

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