The SBU refused to tell reporters, did you follow Sheremet

SBU declined to say whether conducted surveillance of the journalist «the Ukrainian truth» by Pavel Sheremet and the head of this edition Alena Pritula. This is stated in the response to the inquiry of «the Ukrainian truth».

«According to the laws on operational search activities and counter-intelligence activities, it is prohibited to publish, to provide information about the conduct in respect of a particular person investigative or counterintelligence activities (in a decision on the results of such activities) or its absence», — said in response.

In the SBU was advised to go danym questions for comments to the national police and the Prosecutor’s office.

Earlier «the Ukrainian truth» addressed the SBU with a request to provide information about whether there were ever spying Sheremet or Perched by the security services, as well as whether to give the sanction on listening of phones Sheremet and Prytula.

As reported, one of the leaders of «Ukrainian truth» Pavel Sheremet was killed on the morning of 20 July, as a result of the explosion of a car of the head of the newspaper Olena Prytula, in which he was. The explosive device was laid close to the driver’s seat.

Police have classified the incident under the article «premeditated murder committed in a way dangerous to lives of many persons.»

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko named the main version of the murder Sheremet retaliation for his professional activities.

However, the investigation is considering four versions.

On 22 July, the case was transferred to the Main investigation Department of the Ministry of interior, the General Prosecutor’s office performs procedural management.

At the same time, the media posted a video with the moment of laying explosives under the car that killed the journalist Pavel Sheremet.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said that Netpolice willing to pay 200 thousand hryvnias for any information which concerns the murder of the journalist Pavel Sheremet.

On 4 August, the investigators said that the case is interviewed about 500 witnesses that seized about 150 cameras, and that at the disposal of investigators have more than 140 terabytes of information.

Investigators were also asked to help find a witness in the murder case of Sheremet.

The SBU refused to tell reporters, did you follow Sheremet 12.08.2016

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