The SBU operates in the strengthened mode from-for threats of acts of terrorism, — Gritsak

The SBU operates in emergency mode to prevent any provocations. The Chairman of SBU Vasily Gritsak told reporters during celebrations of the Day of Dignity and Freedom in the Artistic Arsenal, reports UKRINFORM.

«The security service works in the strengthened mode. A service that night, slept on the job and I’m going to sleep in order to maintain order and safety on the streets,» said Hrytsak.

He noted that the threat of terrorist attacks exist, «because we have a war in the East, and the hybrid inside Ukraine. And we have a neighbor who constantly seeks to destabilize the situation in different ways».

«Any peaceful action can be used for provocation. Moreover, the action will carry out a Patriotic organization, and there is one black sheep who will do what will lead to irreversible negative processes,» — said the head of the security service of Ukraine and assured that the service is taking maximum measures to prevent terrorist acts.

Hrytsak also noted that specific information on that particular place should a terrorist act occur, no, «but that is no reason to relax.» According to him, Ukrainian law enforcement authorities do not allow destructive forces to undermine the situation. SBU works closely with the Patriotic organizations.

The head of SBU also noted that people who conduct a peaceful protest and Express their dissatisfaction with the government, have the right to peaceful protest, but they don’t have to succumb to the appeals of provocateurs.

We will remind as reported the adviser to the interior Minister Zoryan Shkiryak, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his associates for destabilization in Ukraine, scheduled for November 15-17, failed miserably. At the same time, according to him, the threats persist.

«Ahead of the third anniversary of the Maidan Dignity. According to operational information, Russian special services and their inner satellites do not leave intentions and attempts to organize provocations in the period 20-22 November. Units of the National police and the national guard will be on high alert until November 24-25. The terrorist threat level remains elevated. Preventive counter-terrorism measures of national police and security service of Ukraine continues», — Shkiryak wrote.

The SBU operates in the strengthened mode from-for threats of acts of terrorism, — Gritsak 21.11.2016

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