The SBU interrogated and dismissed the initiator of the «exit Odessa from Ukraine»

Suspected of separatism Alexey Tsvetkov — organizer of pseudo-forum of deputies of local councils, which was prepared on 22 February in the suburbs of Odessa questioned in the Odessa regional management of the SBU. On Tuesday, February 23, reports «UKRINFORM», referring to the press-a division of USBU of Odessa.

Flowers and a group of partners are in the criminal case about the separatist attacks on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

«Citizen of the Flowers and co-production shares, which they cooked in one of the conference rooms of the cottage settlement, Sauvignon-2 questioned by an investigator of the URC as witnesses. As of February 23, on suspicion of committing a crime under article 110 (separatism) of the Criminal code of Ukraine», none of them reported,» — said the head of the press division Anna Shevchuk.

We remind that activists of the Odessa NGO «Oberig» prevented 22 February, provocation in the suburbs of Odessa with the participation of hired extras: about 200 persons pledged for 100-150 USD that they will make a bus trip in Sauvignon-2 allegedly for participation in the travel forum.

Meanwhile, activists found in one of the buses the banner «Forum of deputies of local councils for «Porto-Franco», which should have been deployed to the scene of the Presidium of the leased premises Sauvignon-2, said the leader of this organization Vadim Labasa.

Passengers of three buses «Neoplan», which collected money for the initiators of the action staged near the railway station «Odessa-Glavnaya», had to be submitted for salaried cameramen of the same deputies of local councils, which supposedly favour the release Odessa from the unified customs territory of Ukraine that is equivalent to separatism.

Representatives of the Patriotic forces blocked the holding of separatist actions and reported her training to law enforcement agencies, after which the organizers and participants of paid extras had to give explanations about the motives of complicity in staging the show.

The SBU interrogated and dismissed the initiator of the «exit Odessa from Ukraine» 23.02.2016

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