The Russians and the terrorists during the new wave of «truce» train to attack Marinka and do aerial reconnaissance

The situation in the ATO area as of 4 September 2016 retains signs of de-escalation and is characterized by the observance of the ceasefire regime on the contact line in General. At the same time, there is the implementation of certain armed provocations by the enemy with the use of automatic weapons and automatic anti-tank grenade launchers, which intensified with the onset of night time, according to Ukrainian military intelligence Gur in Facebook.

«The main enemy forces are focused on maintaining the combat readiness of troops, the events of the preparation for a sabotage action, rotation advanced units, improvement of engineering equipment positions,» the report says.

In particular, a test was conducted of the warning system and training of forces and means involved in sabotage and reconnaissance operations 7 separate motorized rifle brigade (debaltseve) 2 AK (Lugansk) of the armed forces and reconnaissance company 9 private infantry assault Marines (Novoazovsk) 1 AK ( Donetsk) of the armed forces.

Recorded training artillery batteries from 100 separate motorized rifle brigade (Donetsk) 1 AK of the armed forces on the application of conditional and weapons firing on positions of ATO forces in the area of settlements Marinka-Victory-Georgiyevka.

In the city of Donetsk introduced additional security measures. Increased patrols, limited movement of road transport.

In areas of settlements the Good, the Brave, the steppe held rotation units 4 separate motorized rifle brigade (Alchevsk) 2 AK (Lugansk) of the armed forces.

Near Yasinovataya is the improvement of engineering equipment advanced positions 11 separate motorized rifle regiment (Kiev) 1 AK armed forces.

On the Mariupol direction the delivery of ammunition to units 9 separate assault infantry regiment of the marine corps (Novoazovsk) 1 AK (Donetsk) of the armed forces, in Kominternovo, Sahanka, New brand.

Continues reconnaissance forces ATO. Marked involvement of four unmanned aerial vehicles in the areas of responsibility otoo «Lugansk» — in the bands of responsibility 4 (Alchevsk) and 7 (debaltseve) separate motorized rifle brigades (debaltseve) 2 AK; otoo «Donetsk» in the strip of responsibility 100 separate motorized rifle brigade (Donetsk) 1 AK.

The Ukrainian side, representatives of the Special OSCE monitoring mission provided information on the availability of tanks and artillery systems with a caliber exceeding 100 mm in areas of Sokolniki, Horlivka, vuhlehirsk, Torez, Luhansk and Donetsk.

Recall, from September 1, the Ukrainian side as a year ago, in the framework of the Minsk agreements has again pledged to observe the cease-fire («silent mode») to a combat zone in the Donbass. And if in 2015, this event was called «temporary ceasefire», now Ukraine agreed on a cease-fire «unlimited.»

«Together, we managed to force the enemy to return to the implementation of the Minsk agreements», — said the speaker of the AP on the ATO Colonel Andrei Lysenko.

«For 12 hours and 5 minutes, I want to congratulate you, this mode is observed at the front don’t shoot», — said the President Poroshenko during a speech at the National technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky» on Thursday, September 1, in Kiev.

The Russians and the terrorists during the new wave of «truce» train to attack Marinka and do aerial reconnaissance 04.09.2016

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