The Russian foreign Ministry said that relations between Russia and the United States comparable to the period of the cold war

Russia and the United States entered a period of relationship comparable to the cold war. This was stated on 5 December, Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov during a speech at the meeting of the Russian public Council on international cooperation and public diplomacy on the topic «Russia – USA. Problems and prospects of development of bilateral relations», writes TASS.

He said that the Russian side was concerned about the level of negativity towards Russia and «deliberately cultivated anti-Russian sentiment». According to him, this «tsunami» that swept the United States.

Ryabkov said that the attitude of Moscow in the U.S. has deteriorated dramatically over the past few years, and in us government agencies «degree of rejection» of the Russian Federation and its policy «has no analogues in the history of the United States.»

Also the Deputy Minister is convinced that the system of antimissile defense of the USA in the world deployed against Russia and, according to him, the US «actually openly admit it».

In addition, Ryabkov accused the US of «bullying» the Russian media and threatened retaliation.

The politician noted that Russia expects a «destructive impulses» from the United States before the presidential election in the country, to be held in March 2018.

Ryabkov called on the parties to do everything to stop the degradation of bilateral relations, and said that Moscow is ready to work in this direction.

He added that Russia is not afraid of us sanctions and now not discussed their abolition.

Relations between Russia and NATO deteriorated after Russia annexed the Crimea and launched a conflict in the Donbas.

NATO is reinforcing its military presence in Eastern Europe to give the allies security assurances in connection with increasingly calling the military activity of Russia in the region after the illegal occupation of Ukrainian Crimea and further aggression in Eastern Ukraine.

On October 25 2016, the head of NATO Jens Stoltenberg stated that from 2017 NATO deploy four battalions in the Eastern part of Europe. Battalions will be chaired by Canada, Germany, UK and USA. According to the head of NATO, it will be «iron proof» that the Alliance is ready to deploy troops to support the allies.

22 November 2016, the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Russia is doing everything necessary to protect themselves «against the backdrop of NATO’s expansion towards its borders.»

The Russian foreign Ministry said that relations between Russia and the United States comparable to the period of the cold war 06.12.2017

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