The Russian Embassy in Argentina about how cocaine could get into their school: during the holidays the security of the premises was filmed

The Russian Embassy in Argentina rejected charges of Professor IE Business School Maxim Mironov, who said about the involvement of officials of the foreign Ministry and the FSB to the organization of drug trafficking. This is stated in the official report of the Embassy in Facebook.

Mironov, whose children are enrolled in school at the Embassy of Argentina, wrote that the 12 suitcases of cocaine was impossible without agreement with the head of security to get in the room, which is guarded by the FSB. He also quoted from the local media, which published excerpts from the talks of drug dealers. According to the Professor, the cocaine through the Russian Embassy in Argentina were exported long ago.

Mironov also wrote that in December 2015 the President of Argentina is Mauricio Macri, which has led to a substantial reduction in the level of police corruption and the beginning of a global war on the drug trade, and suggested that local police have traced a large shipment of cocaine to the door of the Russian Embassy, and the Ambassador gave to confiscate the drug, to avoid scandal. The blogger also stated that the organizer of drug trafficking is associated with the Russian government. In his opinion, the Argentine intelligence services do not believe the official version of the foreign Ministry, therefore, merge the wiretaps to the press to show that the cocaine trade involved senior Russian officials.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation stressed that know Mironov, who resides with his family in Argentina and claims to be the leader of the local opposition of the cell.

«Earlier tried to gather outside the Embassy – however, without much success – the rallies the anti-Russian orientation… Similar approaches and adheres to his wife,» – said Russian diplomats.

The Department believes that the materials Mironov represent a «free interpretation» unauthentic publications of the local press.

«Mironov in his trademark style, trying to use every opportunity to slander our country and its Embassy,» the statement said.

The Embassy acknowledged that the two children of Professor in absentia on a paid basis in school when the diplomatic mission.

«To deny them the quality education reason not seen – children should not be held hostage to anti-Russian views of their parents. In his post Mironov claim ownership of the exclusive texture, makes it clear that teaching children in school at the Embassy gives him a special access to «insider» information about the internal regulations of russianukraine that is completely untrue,» – said the Embassy.

The Embassy stressed that the children of the professors and he had the opportunity to visit the school twice a year – in December and may. And noted that the employees of the Russian Embassy do not support with Russian contacts.

«Can not withstand any criticism given in the post «fact» regarding the limited access of the technical staff of the Embassy on the school grounds. Representatives of the economic service because of the nature of their work at any time can go to the warehouse and technical premises located in the building. In addition, during the school holidays, the security of the premises was filmed that could make it much easier to cyber criminals task,» – said in a statement.

The Embassy added that it conducted a joint investigation by Russian and Argentine intelligence services, so that data investigation can not be disclosed.

«We believe that the performance of mister Mironov once again indicates its desire to make a name for himself spitting on our country and its foreign service. And his children, hopefully, will continue to go to school at the Embassy. Maybe that’s compensate them for flawed anti-Russian atmosphere in the family,» concluded the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

The Russian Embassy in Argentina about how cocaine could get into their school: during the holidays the security of the premises was filmed 27.02.2018

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