The Russian curators appointed officials-separatists «DNR» a salary of about 30 thousand UAH

The Russian curators have set salaries for mid-level officials of the terrorist organization «DNR» on average about 30 thousand UAH. This was reported by Ukrainian specialist in web security and founder of the volunteer organization «Ukrainian cyberforces» Eugene Dokukin, UNIAN reports.

According to him, the volunteer organization has the appropriate data as a result of hacking of official mail of one of the bodies of the terrorists.

«Ukrainian cyberforces captured for 13.6 GB of data people’s Council «DND», — he noted.

In particular, it is said that employee salaries range from 18.5 thousand UAH the chief accountant to 35.5 thousand UAH the chief of staff.

In addition, among the submissions received a «Ukrainian cyberpassage», there are documents signed by a known separatists and terrorists, such as Alexander Zakharchenko, Denis Pushilin and Andriy Purgin.

In the archive there were a lot of decrees, orders, letters and even a letter personally to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on behalf Purgina «with heartfelt thanks for your help».

«It’s exclusive, not even passed them (documents – ed) in the SBU (which are then for six months studying the documents) and immediately released. We have a lot of electronic documents «DND»,» Dokukin said.

«Ukrainian cyberforces» — volunteer of the IT organization founded in June 2014, which is specialized in conducting defensive and offensive operations in order to counter separatists and terrorists, and prevent the information war of Russia against Ukraine.

In October, Pro-Ukrainian hackers declared about breaking the Crimean cell of «DNR», resulting in the Internet has got a database of documents and photographs «DNR», representatives of the «Russian world» in the Crimea, and also governmental bodies of the Russian Federation.

The Russian curators appointed officials-separatists «DNR» a salary of about 30 thousand UAH 29.02.2016

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