The Russian Committee of the NATO parliamentary Assembly has officially recognized the aggressor — Friz

Today during consideration in the Committee of the NATO parliamentary Assembly resolution, «Support the post-Warsaw strategy of defense and deterrence» had unequivocally recognized the aggression of Russia against Ukraine the main factor destabilizing the situation in the world.

On this day, November 20, I wrote in Facebook the people’s Deputy, Chairman of the standing delegation of the Verkhovna Rada in the parliamentary Assembly of NATO , Irina Friz.

«Official Russia recognized international organizations as the aggressor in the world. Within the discussion of the resolution reached the decision that one form of response to the actions of the aggressor will be strong support for Ukraine. The new factor which from now on will be the focus of NATO is the transformation of the territory of the Crimea Peninsula on virtually a new strategic military base of the Russian Federation», — wrote Frieze.

She thanked colleagues in the NATO parliamentary Assembly for the solidarity and support of all relevant initiatives of the Ukrainian delegation.

«Thus, had proved futile, the Kremlin’s efforts to make NATO a naive rabbit who is afraid to razbiraat wolf, hoping to stay safe,» wrote Frieze.

The Ukrainian delegation presented to members of the NATO parliamentary Assembly for two video presentations from InformNapalm on the Russian military equipment in the Donbass and Russian military personnel in the war in the Donbass.

Note, in the annual report of a preliminary investigation prepared by the Prosecutor of the International criminal court in the Hague, Fatou Bensouda, and published on 14 November, said that the situation on the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol, equivalent to the international armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The initiator of the report – the Deputy Chairman of the Commission of the Polish Sejm foreign Affairs małgorzata Gosiewska.

Official Kyiv, however, still calls what is happening in the Donbas anti-terrorist operation. No official signs of the armed conflict with Russia yet.

When it came to concrete steps like the rupture of diplomatic relations with a neighbor as an aggressor or, at least, the introduction of a visa regime with Russia, the Pro-presidential faction in the Parliament immediately there were a lot of reasons that could prevent this.

The Russian Committee of the NATO parliamentary Assembly has officially recognized the aggressor — Friz 21.11.2016

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