The Russian Ambassador said that the U.S. Congress refused to meet him

In the U.S. Congress refused to meet with the Russian Ambassador to the USA Anatoly Antonov, despite his repeated requests. This was stated by Antonov reporters on the sidelines of the conference Russian-American science Association in Chicago, writes TASS.

The Russian Ambassador added that he is happy for us Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman, whom the Russian deputies met «heat» and expressed willingness to cooperate with him. He expressed the hope that the situation can be «pushed» through the contacts of the US Ambassador in Russia.

Antonov also noted that another meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald trump could lead to better international relations. And added that the cooperation of intelligence services of Russia and the United States meets the interests of both countries.

The Ambassador said that the contacts between the special services there, but would like to deepen them. He has promised to raise the issue of the restoration of contacts between Russia and USA at the level of law enforcement agencies during a meeting with the Ministers of the United States.

Antonov will take the position of Ambassador on 1 September.

On 8 September he met with trump and gave him credentials. Antonov said that the President of the United States, it was a friendly.

The Russian Ambassador said that the U.S. Congress refused to meet him 05.11.2017

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