The researcher of the Bible called the date of the destruction of Earth in 2017

The researcher of biblical texts and epigraphy David Mead claims that in October of this year the Earth will not.

The reason for this will be natural disasters and anomalies, reports actualnews.

The scientist says that mankind is unaware of a large number of natural disasters on Earth. Due to the fact that our planet hundreds of times annually «suffers» from earthquakes and cracks, the ground can take a lot of settlements.

The researcher also mentions the existence of the invisible planet Nibiru, located beyond Neptune. According to David Meade, in the fall of «planet X» crosses the constellation Virgo, and October 5, will Eclipse the Sun.

There’s also the possibility that in October of 2017, the Earth may encounter with an asteroid. Its size compared to the size of the statue of Liberty, reports Mglog. Asteroid 2012 TC4 width of about 40 m may cause even greater chaos than in Russia in February 2013. Then, as a result of a meteorite with a diameter of 17 m was hospitalized more than a thousand people.

Earlier in the Internet appeared the video, which told the researchers about a possible mechanism of destruction of the Universe.

Note that the mysterious planet Nibiru has previously appeared in one of the scenarios of the end of the world «Mayan calendar» on December 21, 2012. Then it was assumed that planet X will collide with Earth or pass so close that it will cause the displacement of the axis of rotation of the Blue planet and a global catastrophe. According to another version, Nibiru is a brown dwarf, a failed star that is approaching the Earth, and its gravity will lead to disaster.

A source of ideas about an unknown planet in the Solar system are the books of Zechariah Sitchin, a supporter of the theory of paleocontact with extraterrestrial civilizations. In 1976, he published the book «the twelfth planet», in which, based on allegedly translated the Sumerian sources, wrote about the planet Nibiru, which mass comparable to the Earth and makes one revolution around the Sun in 3.6 thousand years. Nibiru, according to his version, it inhabits a highly developed civilization, whose representatives will visit the Earth in this century.

At the same time, astronomers believe that there is no «extra» planet in our Solar system. Fellow of the Institute of astrobiology, NASA David Morrison noted that if Nibiru really existed, it would be seen on the sky with the naked eye in early 2012, and its gravity could affect the orbits of Earth and Mars. And if Nibiru was not a planet but a brown dwarf, it is already beyond the orbit of Pluto, its brightness would be slightly inferior to the brightness of Venus, and astronomers would have picked her is still very far away from the Solar system.

We add that a year ago, in January of 2016, astronomers Michael brown and Konstantin Batygin of Caltech, said that in the Solar system is the ninth planet – its size is approximately equal to the size of Neptune. The planet was found by mathematical analysis of perturbations that have many ice bodies from the so-called Kuiper Belt – a vast region of space beyond the orbit of Pluto, which revolve billions of telephone the Calculations showed that the planet orbits the Sun at a distance of 20 orbit of Neptune, its mass is 10 times greater than the Earth. Because of this farthest planet from the Sun is not visible and makes a full revolution around the Sun for 10-20 thousand years.

The researcher of the Bible called the date of the destruction of Earth in 2017 03.01.2017

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