The Republican press is saying about the intervention of Ukraine in the elections of the President of the United States in the interests of Clinton

Ukrainian officials tried to help the candidate in US presidents from Democrats Hillary Clinton during her campaign and undermine the position of the now elected President of Donald trump, who respectively supported the Republican party. So trump was not the only candidate whose campaign touted the officials of the former USSR, writes close to the American Republican newspaper Politico.

As the newspaper notes, the official Kiev helped the Clinton office to find dirt on trump, who needs to damage his campaign.

The newspaper reminds that the Ukrainian officials also distributed documents about the alleged involvement of Paul Manafort — chief assistant trump to corruption. The NEB has published copies of documents, according to which Manafort able to receive more than $ 12 million from the «black funds» of the former ruling Party of regions. «Ukrainian efforts to influence the presidential race in the States was reflected in attempts to force the resignation of Manafort and spreading the rumors that trump’s campaign closely linked with the enemy of Ukraine in the East — Russia. However, they were much less coordinated and centralized than a hacker attack Russia and spread messages of the Democratic party,» the article says.

As noted, the intervention of Russia in election took place under the personal supervision of Russian President Vladimir Putin and with the participation of military intelligence. In particular, at Senate hearings last week, Director of National intelligence James Clapper said that the United States could hardly have faced a more aggressive and direct intervention in the electoral process, than in this case. However, the publication notes that there is little evidence of the involvement of Ukraine to the direct interference in the electoral process.

In addition, the article indicates that plaguing the Ukraine, the rampant corruption, the economic struggle, not to mention its current conflict with Russia — made insolvent ambitious intervention in the elections on the territory of another country.

At the same time, the administration of President Petro Poroshenko together with the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington insist that Ukraine remained neutral during the US election. On the other hand, Ukraine has traditionally had a strong relationship with the US authorities, but its officials are concerned that this may change after the arrival of trump, whose team had expressed against the administration Poroshenko sentiments ranging from ambivalence to deep skepticism, when its against the regime of Putin was very friendly, the magazine writes.

We will remind, after a victory trump National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine stated about absence of criminal proceedings on bribery of Manafort of «black cash» PR. Later, the head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky talked about the need for additional evidence in this case. As a result, official suspicion manufactu the Ukrainian law enforcers not stated, and in December, chief of NABOO Sytnyk generally called false evidence of the receipt by Manafort money from the «regionals».


Politico is considered by experts close to the Republican media.

In 2007, the project was founded by former employees of The Washington Post , John Harris and Jim Vandehei.

In the same year the watchdog group Media Matters for America accused Politico, The «Republican bias».

The Republican press is saying about the intervention of Ukraine in the elections of the President of the United States in the interests of Clinton 12.01.2017

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