The representative of Ukraine to the UN: the issue of Crimea will never disappear from the agenda

The question of the annexation of Crimea will never leave the hall of the UN General Assembly, despite Russia. This was stated by the permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN Yuriy Sergeyev in an interview with Focus magazine.

He reminded that the Russian delegation in April last year proposed to remove Crimea from the agenda.

«Our first reaction was like this: Crimea was, is and will be on the agenda until such time as this area does not go into the Ukraine until driven out by the inhabitants, in particular the Crimean Tatars, won’t be back home until responsible people who were behind the annexation, aggression and occupation.

We have set ourselves the task to the topic of the Crimea were constantly», — said Yuriy Sergeyev.

He said that the Ukrainian delegation continues to work on the Crimean issue. «Therefore, the issue of Crimea from the floor of the UN General Assembly will never leave, my colleagues there is an understanding that it is unacceptable to brazenly seize territory», — said the permanent representative of Ukraine.

According to him, has the support of the country, who live under the threat of dismemberment. «In this situation is now Mali. And almost all of Africa on our side,» — said Sergeyev.

Recall, 15 October, Ukraine was elected a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. Thus, from 1 January 2016 Ukraine for a period of two years will be one of the 10 non-permanent members of the UN security Council.

Ukraine already three times during its membership in the UN was a non-permanent member of the Security Council of this organization: 1948-49, 1984-85, 2000-2001.

According to the UN Charter, the Security Council bears primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security. The Security Council consists of fifteen UN member States. Each member of Council has one vote. UN members agree, in accordance with the present Charter, to abide by the decisions of the Security Council and to execute them.

The UN Security Council plays a leading role in determining the existence of threats to the peace or act of aggression. It calls on the parties to a dispute to settle it by peaceful means and recommends methods of adjustment or terms of settlement. In some cases, the security Council can resort to imposing sanctions or even authorize the use of force to maintain or restore international peace and security.

In addition, the Council makes recommendations to the General Assembly regarding the appointment of a new UN Secretary General and the admission of new members to the UN. The General Assembly and the Security Council elect the judges of the International court of justice.

The UN Security Council consists of 15 members: five permanent (China, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States and France) and ten non-permanent members, elected for two-year terms.

Each member of the UN Security Council successively presides in it for one month, and the rotation of presiding in the Council of member States be taken in the English alphabetical order.

The representative of Ukraine to the UN: the issue of Crimea will never disappear from the agenda 16.10.2015

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