The release of Savchenko will help to release Ukrainian political prisoners, according to the foreign Ministry

To release imprisoned in Russia Ukrainian pilot, people’s Deputy of Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko must soon, it will open up the opportunity to liberate other Ukrainians held in Russia, said Ambassador for special assignments of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba.

«Russia has created a new phenomenon in international political hostages: you grab the citizen of another country, invent some charges and throw him in jail. This situation shocked the international human rights activists — they saw the way the country does with their citizens, but when with strangers is already beyond the scope. In this story of Nadezhda Savchenko appears in the role of an anchor. When we will be able to pull it out, then open the way for the release of all Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia,» — said Kuleba in an interview with Focus magazine published on Friday.

However, he stressed that Savchenko «will need to release soon, right after the sentence came into force.» «If Savchenko will have to be moved, then every day to get her will be more difficult,» — said the diplomat.

In addition, according to him, currently the attention to the case Savchenko maximum: «about him says U.S. President Barack Obama in a conversation with Putin (the Russian President Vladimir Putin – ed.), and this attention should take advantage of».

According to coleby, exchange Savchenko for Russian soldiers Evgeny Erofeev and Alexander Alexandrov – «not only, but a work». «On the other (options – edit) I don’t want to speak, because the Russians operate on the principle «everything you say will be used against you,» he said.

In this context, the Ambassador spoke out against the rupture of diplomatic relations of Ukraine with Russia, initiated in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. «Now is no point in this. Diplomatic relations could break during the annexation of Crimea, even before the incident in the Donbass, when it was not our political prisoners in Russia. Then the gesture would have any meaning. What we have now? Ukrainian-Russian diplomatic relations were reduced almost to zero… If we completely break relations with Russia, who will go to courts to Kabuku or visit Savchenko in the detention center?», — I told Kuleba.

Earlier media with reference to sources reported that Ukraine is preparing documents for extradition of Savchenko for punishment, and for sharing.

As reported, Nadiya Savchenko went on hunger strike demanding the release of after 5 April the verdict of the Russian court in the case of Nadezhda Savchenko entered into force. She was sentenced to 22 years in prison March 22.

Russian authorities said earlier that the decision on the possible transfer of Savchenko Ukraine can be made only after the entry into force of the verdict in her case.

The lawyer pilots Ilya Novikov believes that Savchenko can return home in a few weeks.

The release of Savchenko will help to release Ukrainian political prisoners, according to the foreign Ministry 08.04.2016

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