The rebels increase their activity. Near Yasinovataya noticed enemy 152-mm howitzers «Hyacinth»

The situation in the zone of the Antiterrorist operation remains difficult. The number of attacks during the day on positions of the Ukrainian soldiers is almost on the level yesterday and is 37 times.

«Pro-Russian mercenaries gradually increase their activity, using fire blows from heavy weapons,» — said in message press center ATO page in the social network Facebook on Thursday 31 March.

«The morning started for the defenders of our positions in zaytsevo and Mayorsk with a powerful enemy attacks. Here for two hours, they applied the fire of artillery of calibre of 152 mm and 122mm and mortars of calibres of 120 mm and 82 mm,» reported at the headquarters.

The total number of shells amounted to more than 300 units. Confirmation that the militants used weapons of large caliber against the local population are numerous fresh craters on private farmsteads of local residents in depth from one to five feet in diameter and from 2 to 4 meters, said the press center.

«Later, a significant number of fire strikes from mortars were fired on the Water and Talakovk. In addition to the defensive line of our forces in the industrial area of the Town, the enemy again targeted the premises of civilians, destroying homes and cars. Using such inhumane methods, the militants aim to raise the level of discontent of the local people and to provoke the dissatisfaction of the Ukrainian army», — stated in the message.

The staff also stated that reconnaissance forces ATO between cities Makeyevka and Yasinovataya identified 4 enemy howitzers «Hyacinth» caliber 152 mm. Heavy weapons is in combat positions of Russian-terrorist forces at a distance of about 8 km from the demarcation line, which is a significant violation of the Minsk agreements. The enemy is actively using heavy weapons to fire boundaries and local residents in areas controlled by them territories.

As reported, over the past day in the area of antiterrorist operations killed among the Ukrainian military no, one military was wounded – took place near Avdiyivka. Dramatically worsened the situation on the Mariupol direction. In the evening on the front Gnutoo – Shirokino, the enemy opened heavy fire from mortars, was released about 100 minutes drive North of, in Granite and Marinka were shot by snipers occupants. In just the past day in Mariupol direction has been 14 attacks by the IAF.

The rebels increase their activity. Near Yasinovataya noticed enemy 152-mm howitzers «Hyacinth» 31.03.2016

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