The reason for the eviction «CPF» back from «Azov» became the alcohol and the mysterious contents of the backpacks

Activists of the movement «Revolutionary right-wing forces» («CPF») left their designated room in the office of the National guard regiment «Azov», which is on balance of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine and is located in the Shevchenko lane, near Independence square, reports on February 22, 2016 Deutsche Welle .

However, one of the representatives of the headquarters «CPF» with the Callsign «Sensei» was not able to answer the question about the future plans and the fate began in the days of the «indefinite protest» on the Maidan, saying only that they will «think about it and decide» .

As noted by the representative of the Civil corps «Azov» Nazar Kravchenko, «Azovtsev» forced «RPS» evicted from the premises, because they adamantly refused to provide to check the contents of their own backpacks, and among them were persons in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Moreover, the «revolutionaries» began to «accept» directly in the headquarters of the regiment, known for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and «taboo» to bad habits.

«…The verbal sparring, because I was someone’s person, but he had a noticeable smell of alcohol, and we have not missed. They began to be indignant, why their sister is not allowed, while he fumes. After that, they left the room» — quoted by Kravchenko channel «Еспресо.TV».

Where did «Resouce» he doesn’t know, but I’ve heard that called » Sergei» and insisted that boys were not allowed to check your belongings.

Additional details of the incident, given in the official website of the regiment «Azov»:

«They have been allocated the floor and prepared the necessary conditions. However, among the «tratamiente» was drunk and needed the search to prevent possible provocations, they refused and provoked a fight. Activists of the Civil corps «Azov», the soldiers and our comrades have joined the suppression of the escalating aggression of the protesters dissatisfied with the call to disperse. At any time uncontrolled actions of individuals could lead to mass unrest in Kiev. To avoid this — was our first priority. We are confident that our actions were correct and we did it another «plan B» our enemies».

According to information from publik «CPF», some of their representatives are present only near the tent on the Maidan, which they were allowed to leave the national police.

At first they were going to settle in the main building of the hotel «Cossack», but was able to spend only a presentation of its movement, headed by leaders of right-wing organizations «Goran» (previously headed «White hammer», then one of the commanders of «Aydar»), «Faust» (in the past belonged to the formation of «Resistance»), as well as the people’s Deputy of several convocations Yury Karmazin, Soviet dissident Stepan Khmara and the defendant in one of the most high-profile police-judicial scandals of the era Yanukovych, and now a human rights activist and aspiring politician Dmytro pavlychenko (Ukrainian Republican party/URP), which has already tried his hand at the last elections of the mayor of Kiev.

We will remind, on February 25, 2014 — the fourth day of the victory of the Revolution of Dignity and the withdrawal of Viktor Yanukovych from the constitutional powers of the President — the father and the son Pavlichenko were released from prison. Before this they were sentenced to life for alleged murder of a Kyiv district judges.

However, in November Pavlichenko stated that the SBU «has resumed» against him of 15 criminal proceedings and is in no hurry to return the confiscated property, in particular a passenger car.

It is worth noting that the release Pavlichenko more than any other demanded the fans of Kiev «Dynamo», which include Pavlichenko Junior. The slogan «Freedom for Pavlichenko!» was one of the symbols of political and social protest during the times of Yanukovych.

The reason for the eviction «CPF» back from «Azov» became the alcohol and the mysterious contents of the backpacks 23.02.2016

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