The re-elected President of Slovenia Pahor

The President of Slovenia, Borut Pahor re-elected for another presidential term in the runoff election, which was held today. Processed 99.98% of ballots, according to the Central election Commission of Slovenia.

For Pahor, voted 52,94% of the voters.

His rival, Mariana SARECO, voted 47,06% of the citizens who came to polling stations.

The turnout was 41,74%.

Associated Press informs that Shares already admitted defeat in the elections. The result in the second round he called «good.» In his opinion, its success shows that «the foreigners want change».

Slovenia is a parliamentary government, so the functions of the President are limited. He is elected for a term of five years.

The re-elected President of Slovenia Pahor 13.11.2017

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