The Prosecutor’s office closed the «flat» case KASKO

Kiev local Prosecutor’s office No. 6 of closed criminal proceedings against former Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy KASKO, who was suspected of fraud with service housing.

As reported on the website of the Prosecutor of Kyiv, investigative Department of Pechersky Department of police of Kiev could not find sufficient evidence to win a case in court, and already established irregularities were too small to attract KASKO to criminal liability.

The decision on closing of criminal proceedings is verified by the Prosecutor’s office of Kiev.

We will remind, in 2003 KASKO got service one-bedroom apartment in Pechersk district, which was later privatized his mother. In 2010 KASKO again appealed to the Prosecutor General to provide him with service apartments. He said that he lives with grandfather, mother and sister. Family KASKO has allocated a two-bedroom apartment in the same Pechersk district. We are talking about the apartment on the Boulevard of Friendship of peoples, 14-16, 155 sq. m.

In December 2010 KASKO retired from the Prosecutor’s office and worked as a lawyer. Two months before the dismissal of a two-bedroom apartment, allocated family KASKO, was excluded from the list of service.

In March 2014 KASKO it was privatized.

At the end of the 2015 business engaged in law enforcement, and KASKO was charged with suspicion under article «swindle in especially large sizes» and «forgery of documents».

The Prosecutor’s office closed the «flat» case KASKO 16.01.2017

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