The Prosecutor of Donskoy: The Rat has support in power. It and law enforcement officers and former law enforcement officers

The person involved in business on murder of journalist Vyacheslav Veremiya during Euromaidan in 2014 Yuri Rat has support in power. In an interview with the INSIDER said the Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Oleksiy Donskoy.

Answering the question whether there was evidence of Rat ties with the police, the Prosecutor said: «Before the introduction of amendments to the criminal code, I would separate evidence on this matter could lead. Now, just suffice to say, such evidence is».

According to don, «the Rat has the support of persons in positions of authority». «This law enforcement officers and former law enforcement officers,» added the Prosecutor.

On the question of whether the Chairman of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Savchenko, Donskoy said: «It is now called. Deny I won’t.»

In early February, the people’s Deputy from Blok Petro Poroshenko Moustapha Nayem declared that Krysin knew about the impending in February 2014, the executions of participants of the Euromaidan. «We found that Mr. Savchenko, the Governor of the Nikolaev area, gave testimony to the Prosecutor General’s office, which acknowledged that Mr. Krysin it was reported that 20 numbers will be shootings on the Maidan,» – said Nayem. According to the MP, Krysin told the Governor, «17th or 18th». Nye stressed that Krysin – «the man who collected titushek» – is on the loose.

The journalist of the newspaper «Vesti» Veremey was killed during the revolution of dignity – in the night of February 19, 2014 in the center of Kiev. He was returning home from work in a taxi. The car was stopped by aunts, pulled passengers and started beating them with bats.

22 December 2017, the Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev recognized Rat, participated in the beating, guilty of hooliganism and sentenced him to four years imprisonment with a probation period of two years. This means that if in the next two years Krysin not commit offences remain at large, and his conviction will be discharged.

Too soft sentence Krysino caused outrage in the Ukrainian society. December 25 at independence square in Kiev was held a rally to demand a fair sentence Krysino.

December 28, the Prosecutor General’s office has filed an appeal against a suspended sentence Krysino.

The Prosecutor of Donskoy: The Rat has support in power. It and law enforcement officers and former law enforcement officers 26.02.2018

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