The Prosecutor Ilyin take hectare protected Belichansky forest. His father was the head guard of Poroshenko

In the production of the Irpin city court of the Kyiv region there are five claims for recovery of public Prosecutor Podolsk district of Kiev Nikita Ilyin land plots with a total area of 1 hectare, located in the national nature Park «golosiyivskiy». This is according to the website «Judicial power».

July 11, the court summoned 0.15 hectares from Ilyin in favor of the state. The lawsuit was filed by the Deputy Prosecutor of the Kiev region.

In 2013, the court invalidated the decision of Kotsiubynska village Council on allocation of plots for construction of residential houses. It is established that the site belonged to the forest land was state property, and would mean the village Council had no right to dispose of them.

In 2014, the decree of the President of the national natural Park «Goloseevsky» is extended to 6463 ha due to the land CE «Kievzelenstroy». Thus, the disputed area was on the territory of NNP «Holosiyivsky».

Ilin got the land in property under the contract of sale. All he acquired in this array 5 sites. However, the Prosecutor drew attention that, on behalf of the sellers acted the same face, which had a substitution that in 4 of 5 cases were signed before the adoption of the village Council’s decision on the transfer of land ownership. This, according to the Prosecutor, demonstrates that the scheme for obtaining Ilyin land ownership «was planned in advance and was unfair».

It is known that the Prosecutor’s office has filed four lawsuits against the neighboring plots. Their consideration is planned in August of this year.

Do Ilyin claimed the site has an address: the village kotsyubinskoe, street Malyovnycha.

According to the cadastral maps, ownership ilina are two adjacent plot on the same street. Most of the sites on the array have an area of 0.1-0.15 hectares.

Father ilina — Gennady — is a business partner of a family of Anatoly Danilenko, a former Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaly Yarema. In 2014-2015 Ilyin, Sr., was a Deputy of the Kyiv city Council from the faction «UDAR-Solidarity». Previously it was called the former «Brigadier» groups Salahi and former security chief Poroshenko, according to «Nashi Groshi».

According to the mayor of Irpin, the leader of the political party «New faces» Vladimir Karplyuk, land kotsyubinskogo are the reason for the persecution of him personally and his team from the «top officials».

The Prosecutor Ilyin take hectare protected Belichansky forest. His father was the head guard of Poroshenko 04.08.2016

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