The Prosecutor General’s office: the universities started to expel students for forged EIT

The General Prosecutor’s office performs procedural management in criminal proceedings, which investigates the Main investigation Department of the National police of Ukraine, on the facts of unauthorized modification of information in the register of persons that have passed independent external assessment.

On Monday 21 March, the press service of the GPU.

«It is established that officials of the Ukrainian center for educational quality assessment in 2008 has created a criminal organization to overstatement of the results of external independent testing (EIT) of individuals and misappropriation of funds of the Centre and the Agency for international development (USAID)», — stated in the message.

As emphasized in the GPU, overstatement of the results of external independent evaluation has provided the customers an improper advantage in access to higher education, awards (medals) and unfounded the tuition for the budget, at the same time limiting the access to higher education of talented youth.

In accordance with the Conditions of reception on training in higher educational institutions of Ukraine in 2015, approved by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine 15.10.2014 No. 1172, the submission of false information on passing external independent testing is grounds for expulsion of a student, recalled in the Prosecutor’s office.

It noted that under such circumstances, the General Prosecutor’s office initiated a question about the expulsion of specific individuals in connection with the use of false information about the passage of the EIT.

«According to the facts of the leadership of higher educational institutions by results of consideration of materials of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has expelled two students,» — added in GPU.

At the same time the Prosecutor General’s office continues to initiate deductions other persons who have used fake results, refunds in the budget the cost of tuition and the restoration of the rights of entrants, victims of illegal actions. Pre-judicial investigation proceeds, noted in GPU.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine for the last year and a half have been closed about 100 universities and branches of universities.

The Prosecutor General’s office: the universities started to expel students for forged EIT 21.03.2016

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