The program of the FBI for fingerprint analysis found the Russian code – BuzzFeed

In the program of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) for fingerprint analysis found the Russian code. About it reports Reuters with reference to sources.

According to interlocutors of the edition, the existence of the Russian code hid the French company – developer of software for the FBI, part of industrial conglomerate Safran. The company kept silent about the secret deal to acquire the code from the Russian company Papillon. In his Papillon is reported close ties to Russian state institutions, including the FSB, writes BuzzFeed.

In the documents of the French developer says that she didn’t know about the existence in the code of any elements allowing to manipulate it remotely. But the fact of the transaction with Papillon was supposed to keep secret, not to interfere with the implementation of the software in the U.S. market, the newspaper writes.

Software for the analysis of fingerprints using the FBI and more than 18 thousand of other law enforcement units in the United States. In us agencies are concerned that hackers from Russia can access sensitive biometric information about the millions of Americans that would jeopardize national security.

In September 2017, all public American companies were obliged to abandon the use of anti-virus software «Kaspersky Lab». The Ministry of internal security of the United States stated that «Kaspersky Lab» is probably cooperating with Russian special services and the Kremlin, so the use of the software may threaten the national security of the United States to support the implementation of cyber attacks.

December 13 the President of the United States Donald trump signed a law banning the use of products «Kaspersky Lab» by the us government.

The program of the FBI for fingerprint analysis found the Russian code – BuzzFeed 27.12.2017

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