The process of liberation of the hostages try to unlock via Skype, said Gerashchenko

January 18 to unlock the process of release of hostages held by militants in the Donbas, on the initiative of the Ukrainian side held a Skype conference with the participation of representatives of the Trilateral contact group — the former President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma and OSCE special representative Martin Sajdik.

On Monday 16 January following today’s talks in Minsk, said the representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian sub-group TKG to resolve the conflict in the Donbass Irina Gerashchenko.

She said in his Facebook that during the Christmas and new year holidays, despite the agreement on ceasefire, the militants were daily violating ceasefire and despite the promise of the new year holidays to let teenagers»saboteurs», still holding minors in jail: «this is the price the words of the militants.»

«Despite a call by the leaders of the Normandy format and the pipeline to release before the new year and the hostages a gesture of good will from the Ukrainian side and one-way communication 15 people, the release of the hostages still locked. Moreover, the representatives of ORDA said that their gesture of good will was the transfer of Taras Kolodiy and two women whose fate, along with all the other hostages, we have discussed in Minsk. And now they are again insisting on Amnesty as a prerequisite for release and transfer of approximately 700 employees in exchange for about 50….», — said Gerashchenko.

«The Ukrainian side insists on the immediate unblocking of the release of the hostages, we emphasized those realistic compromises proposed a few months ago to unblock the process of liberation… the Liberation of hostages should be unlocked – that is our demand,» she wrote.

Besides, Gerashchenko noted that representatives of the International Committee of the red cross is still not allowed in prisons in the occupied Ukrainian territories in the Russian Federation.

«Despite the fact that for 20 months, Ukraine insists on the involvement of the International Committee of the red cross for the release of hostages and search of missing persons, this authoritative international organization, which has 100 years of experience freeing people and their search (it never publishes lists, and we in this issue also work according to international methods), not admitted to prisons in the occupied territories and in Russia, they have never been given the opportunity to meet with the Ukrainian hostages or give them humanitarian aid. Ukraine from the first days of Russian aggression in the Donbas actively cooperates with the ICRC, provides complete information about the lists of hostages and missing persons, admission to institutions of the penitentiary system, but we see a total blockade on the other hand», — stated in the message.

Also Gerashchenko said Ukrainian side insists that the issue of opening KPVV «Golden» in Lugansk region became a priority and were raised including the Chairman of the OSCE Minister of foreign Affairs of Austria.

«Despite the fact that Ukraine is March 31, 2016 opened KPVV «gold», due to the destructive position of the militants and the item still does not work, creating serious humanitarian problems for the inhabitants of the Luhansk region on both sides of the line of contact,» she said.

«We note with regret that from the ORLO job KPVV gold remains locked. In addition, despite the fact that in 2016 Ukraine has increased the maximum weight of products allowed for import into uncontrolled territory of Donbass from 50 to 75 kg, the representatives of the ORDO has restricted the importation of products up to 50 kg per person,» added in turn the press-Secretary of ex-President Leonid Kuchma Darka olifer on his page in Facebook.

«While we are willing to allow the experts of international organizations to inspect the bridge in the Village of Lugansk to inspect for further repair of this bridge,» she said.

Olifer also stressed that the Ukrainian side insists on compliance with the entire package of the Minsk agreements, «including on the access to the line of 19 September 2014, including debaltseve».

«The solution to block issues on security, a key component of the entire Minsk process. Without a full and sustainable ceasefire without the withdrawal of all foreign military formations and military equipment from the territory of Ukraine, without control over the border, in ORDA elections can not be», — she wrote.

Olifer announced that the Trilateral contact group welcomed the restoration of water supply in Luhansk region, which became possible after the repayment of the debt for the consumed water in ORLO: «IN the calculation for water takes part in the enterprise, registered on territory controlled by Ukraine, all operations are carried out exclusively within the framework of Ukrainian legal field».

Also during today’s meeting of the TAG, the Ukrainian side welcomed the start of the Austrian presidency in the OSCE and thanked Germany for its work in this field.

«We hope that the contribution of Austria to resolve the situation in the Donbass will be serious and significant,» said olifer.

We will remind, the Ukrainian side has sent 15 people from the list of fighters in the hope that Russia will unblock the process of liberation 58 of Ukrainian hostages seized in the uncontrolled territories. Militants»DNR members» first said that in response to the transmission of Kiev 15 prisoners nobody will give, however, later changed his mind and 27 December 2016 released two captured women, Angelica Presnyakov and Olga, Svorak — as stated by the heads of groups «D/LC» for Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko (for example, 23 Dec member, humanitarian sub-group of the Trilateral contact group Irina Gerashchenko said that the consideration of the question of liberation of hostages by militants was foiled again).

27 Dec 2016 representatives of groups «DNR» and «LNR» declared that for two people ready to return to Ukraine 47 hostages in exchange for 690 terrorism suspects citizens. Meanwhile, Savchenko stated that they agreed with the militants on the exchange of detainees 226 52 the Ukrainian prisoners.

The process of liberation of the hostages try to unlock via Skype, said Gerashchenko 16.01.2017

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