The Pro-Russian mayor Beltsov spending more time with their sponsors in Moscow than in the workplace — bloggers

One of the most popular Moldovan bloggers posted on his webpage a video, where the leader of Pro-Russian social-populist «Our party» Renato usatyi, being away from the city entrusted to him, argues that it is impossible to manage «at a distance».

Help. «Putin’s hand» in the Moldovan riots

Blogger Eugene Lukyanchuk notes that after mustachioed he was elected mayor of Balti, a large part of his working time he spends either on the protests in Chisinau, or at a press conference in the Moldovan capital, or it is in «mission» in Moscow.

Lukyanchuk Mustache reminiscent of that during the election campaign he promised that he would not be present in city «a maximum of two or three days.»

The blogger writes about what baleen is also currently in Moscow, where he was allegedly accountable to «sponsors» on the money, previously allocated for organizing the protests in Chisinau.

Help. «Putin’s hand» in the Moldovan riots

Over the past 13 months in Moldova have been five Prime Ministers Iurie Leanca (10 December 2014 — 18 February 2015), Cyril Gaburici (18 February 2015 — 22 June 2015), Natalia Gherman (22 June 2015 — 30 July 2015), Valeriu strelet (30 July 2015 — 29 October 2015), George Brega (30 October 2015 — 20 January 2016).

The protest movement against the government of Philip is headed by the Chairman of the local Socialist party Igor Dodon (the author of the slogan «Together with Russia!» and an active supporter of the Customs Union), which is accompanied by his closest political partner of Zinaida Greceanii in front of the leapfrog Pro-European governments in October 2014 personally met with Vladimir Putin in Moscow. After that, experts say, opponents of European integration consistently perform in Moldova the Russian scenario: or the government will be Pro-Moscow, or even no government.

The second most important leader of the protests after Dodon is the mayor (mayor) of the city of Balti Renato usatyi («Our party»), since 1999 is directly linked to the odious Russian politicians. For a long time he was hiding in Moscow.

In November 2015, police arrested 13 militants Baleen (the so-called «kotovets carried»), a suspected coup attempt. In addition, according to media reports, the people involved in separatist project «Bessarabia» — the arrangement «independent state» in the North of Moldova with the capital in Balti city, which should «unite» with «PMR» and begin subversive activities in the southern Ukrainian Odessa region, where in April of last year, the SBU raided the network of the FSB with the same title.

We will remind, on January 21, the authorities of the Republic of Moldova was not allowed to enter the country with Russian propagandists
belonging to the family of Putin’s TV channels «Ren TV» and Life News (included in the holding «national media group»//»MWF» led Alina Kabaeva) and the reporter of the VGTRK (the channel «Russia»).

Moldovan security forces are convinced that the attempted destabilization of the situation in Chisinau are directly intelligence services of the Russian Federation, which uses a variety of «hybrid» technology to disrupt evrointegratsii Moldova.

13 January analytical group Da Vinci AG drew attention to the preparations by the Russians coup d’état in the Republic of Moldova. In the expert opinion of the group stated that the actions of Pro-Russian groups inside the country coordinating arrived on 20 December 2015 in the temporarily occupied Tiraspol (Transnistria), the Russian Institute for strategic studies (RISS) George Menyailo. He reports to the head of the Institute, Lieutenant General of the Russian foreign intelligence service Leonid Reshetnikov, who was one of developers of the concept of the annexation of Crimea and occupation of Donbas. On 26 November Moldovan authorities deported another employee RISS, Nikita Bondarev, may 22 — Sergei Mokshantsev, «which is a sign of the presence of the Moldovan security institutions evidence of intelligence-subversive activities of the RISS».

«Today, there is every sign of preparing to destabilize the situation in Moldova, the implementation of the coup that overthrow President Nicolae Timofti and initiate early parliamentary elections in
the interests of Pro-Russian forces», — noted in the conclusion.

The goals of Moscow in this case was called «the coup and the establishment on the basis of Pro-Russian Moldova state of Chisinau weakening and strengthening of the role of the Tiraspol and Comrat (Gagauz autonomy — ed.)».

The Pro-Russian mayor Beltsov spending more time with their sponsors in Moscow than in the workplace — bloggers 20.02.2016

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