The Pro-Russian candidate Igor Dodon won the presidential election in Moldova

The leader of the advocates of rapprochement with Russia the party of socialists Igor Dodon won the presidential election in Moldova. After counting 99,04% of the ballots, he received 53,21% of the votes, and his opponent Maia Sandu — 46,79%, reports «Interfax».

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The remaining ballots on the outcome of the presidential race to impact.
The socialist leader has already announced his victory in the election at a specially convened press conference. He expressed gratitude to everyone who entrusted him with the «voice and the future of the country,» writes

«I’m aware of the responsibility. I understand that will not be easy. I’m President of all — the left and right, those who want the EU and those who want close to Russia», — said the President-elect.

He also congratulated Sandu with «good, a worthy result.»

«I want to thank you for the hard but good campaign. We don’t need hatred in society. I will consider the position of voters Maia Sandu. Let’s try and calm down the passions. I propose to meet tomorrow, to discuss what we do further to maintain stability in the country», — said Igor Dodon.

According to him, he was sure to win, because people in Moldova are tired of the seven year reign of the «coalition of Pro-European parties, poverty, corruption and wrongdoings». He said that the first visit is going to apply to Moscow in order to «spearhead the development and signing of the agreement on strategic partnership with Russia».

Maia Sandu, the head of the Party of action and solidarity, which became the single candidate from the Pro-European parties, demanded the resignation of the leadership of the CEC and the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

«The election is not over, but they are already rigged. This was done deliberately, as abroad was open enough polling stations and were brought enough ballots,» said Sandu.

At 21:00 local time the polls for voting closed. As of 22:30 at the polls came 53,06% of the citizens (almost 1.6 million).

According to the results of the first round of the election for Dodon voted more than 48% of voters, and for Sandu — about 38% of the electorate.

The current presidential election — the first 20 years of the direct election of the President. Since 2000 President of the Republic elected by voting of deputies in Parliament, but in March 2016 constitutional court overturned this order.

The Pro-Russian candidate Igor Dodon won the presidential election in Moldova 14.11.2016

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