The prices of train tickets will increase by 10% from April 1 — «Ukrzaliznytsia»

Ukrzaliznytsia from April 1, 2018 will increase prices on passenger rail transportation 10%. In an interview with media center «Magistral» said the Director of «Ukrzaliznytsya» for economy and Finance Andrey Ryazantsev.

He recalled that the last time the tariffs for passenger transport increased in 2014.

«The need to review the cost of services is long overdue, as the consumer price index has grown by at least 60-70%, four to six times increased the cost of utilities and other services. For the entire range of products required rail, significantly increased prices. If a year ago the price of diesel fuel was in the range of 20 thousand UAH per ton, this year – already 28 to 29 thousand UAH, and the price of one passenger car with 19 million in 2016 increased today to 30 million UAH», – said Ryazantsev.

Low prices on train tickets rise to unhealthy excitement around their purchase, he said.

«We have a paradoxical situation where in some areas the cost of a reserved seat is almost three times lower than the bus fare. For example, a ticket for train from Kiev to Kremenchug is 100 UAH, and a bus 250. Therefore, it is not the price increase, a step that at least a little balance out the cost of railway passenger transport and will bring them closer to market level. In addition, we must not unleash the market and demand, working at a loss. Because today there is an unhealthy excitement to purchase tickets. If we have over the years will be maintained trend is that rail transport is cheap, the demand will continue to increase our expenses to pay will not be», – explained the Director of «Ukrzaliznytsya» for the economy.

Ryazantsev also said that funds from the first phase of the value enhancement will be focused on the development of passenger infrastructure.

In January, the acting head of the Board of «Ukrainian Railways» Evgeny Kravtsov announced that the company plans in 2018 to double increase ticket prices by 10%.

The prices of train tickets will increase by 10% from April 1 — «Ukrzaliznytsia» 14.02.2018

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