The President of Zimbabwe threw a party on the background of hunger in the country

President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe with his wife grace had arranged before Christmas for the party officials. The event took place on December 21. Meanwhile in the African state is still famine and there are austerity measures. More than 20 thousand people lost their jobs amid mass layoffs.

Mugabe announced to his colleagues that they deserved a holiday, because suffering has convinced the masses not to rebel in spite of their extreme poverty, according to with reference to the Zimbabwean.

«We managed to convince our people to stand behind us and accept these challenges as challenges to our nation as a whole», — said the President of Zimbabwe.

The party Mugabe has summoned his Cabinet Ministers. Critics of the current government of Zimbabwe claim that the local Cabinet has not been able to stop the recession since coming to power in 2013.

The Ministers were joined by members of the Politburo of the ruling party of the country, the Zimbabwe African national Union — Patriotic front (Zimbabwe African National Union — Patriotic Front; ZANU-PF), as well as leaders of regional offices of this political organization. Both of these events Mugabe called in his speech «outstanding».

According to him, the country has experienced a perfect year, overcoming the challenges, some of which still have to face. «This year you must celebrate, celebrate us because of the resistance that we showed,» added the head of Zimbabwe.

After the speech, Mugabe praised several officials. One commentator speech the President said that the head of Zimbabwe leads the government to «perfection».

One of the reasons for the holiday was held from the 7th to the 13th of December the annual conference of ZANU-PF in the resort of Victoria falls. In addition, shortly before the celebration in Zimbabwe was visited with official visit the President of China XI Jinping.

Robert Mugabe is President of Zimbabwe for the past 35 years. During the reign of the 91-year-old dictator of this African state has become one of the poorest in the world. The national currency of Zimbabwe by mid-2015 has depreciated to almost zero. In addition, there is the problem of hunger, and the President arranges on his birthday lush banquets.

In September 2015, Mugabe was awarded the Prize of Confucius, established in China for «building political and economic system in Zimbabwe», as well as for the promotion of pan-Africanism and African independence. However, the leader of African States have declined the award because she established the leadership of the PRC. Mugabe awarding of the prize, which is awarded for human rights activities aroused the opposition protests in Zimbabwe and ridicule around the world.

The President of Zimbabwe threw a party on the background of hunger in the country 22.12.2015

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