The President of the world Bank stated that after the land reform in Ukraine related to the country in the world will change

If Ukraine will carry out land reform, attitudes to the country change in the world, said world Bank President Jim Yong Kim during the meeting on November 14 in Kyiv Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman, reports the correspondent of the Internet edition «GORDON».

He noted that he had met with many business leaders in Ukraine. Kim said that after the land reform, the profit of people who are owners of agricultural land will grow three times.

«On the other hand, is a great locomotive of development of Ukraine in future», – said the President of the world Bank.

He said he would change the attitude, «how the Ukraine look on the outside.»

«Unfortunately, now the external attitude – I say this because I communicate constantly with the managers of different funds and because we always try to involve the private sector in our countries- the perception still remains that Ukraine should be more specific things to do that will give confidence to invest. I know that your Cabinet is working on land reform. And we’ll help to bring it to the end,» said Kim.

Groisman said that land reform is a priority.

«We found the model you can enter. This issue is very sensitive, so very much to communicate with the Ukrainian society, to each owner of the land realized that this was going on in his interests, rather than large estates, because this issue is indeed very sensitive. And the model that we are ready to introduce as a government, it seems to me, is a quality project which meets the national interests and interests of Ukrainian citizens and will encourage the development of a national farmers ‘ movement, which today is not the way I wanted,» said the Prime Minister.

6 October 2016 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has extended until at least 2018, the moratorium on sale of agricultural land, which was introduced in 2001. Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman reported that in Ukraine up to 2020 should be carried out land reform, but noted that no extensive discussion of the model of the land market in Ukraine, no decision on lifting the moratorium could not be. On may 29 at a working meeting of the Cabinet, he added that the sale of land in Ukraine should be available only to the Ukrainians and in the amount of not more than 200 hectares of land per person.

Land reform is a requirement of the International monetary Fund to Ukraine. In July the IMF to achieve «consensus on key issues» delayed until the end of the year, the requirement to Kiev on the adoption of relevant bills.

The President of the world Bank stated that after the land reform in Ukraine related to the country in the world will change 14.11.2017

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