The President of the United States restrict the entry of refugees from countries in the Middle East

The US President Donald trump on Wednesday will sign the Executive orders that restrict entry into the United States citizens of several countries in the Middle East and Africa. Reuters reports that the decrees affected refugees, as well as some individuals who have already got American visas.

About signing the decrees, the Agency said a number of congressional sources and experts on immigration, familiar with the situation. They all wished to remain anonymous. According to them, the decrees trump is likely to involve restrictions on entry into the US for refugees and some visa holders from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Later information was confirmed by sources from CNN. According to this, the signing of decrees of the Ministry of state security is just the beginning of a «multi-day» campaign for the revision of legislation in the field of immigration.

Sources of AR, however, said that the first decrees will concern the tightening of border security. And the decrees against entrants from specific countries trump will sign later.

Trump in the election campaign repeatedly made tough statements about Muslims. So, in December 2015, after the shooting in San Bernardino, he urged temporarily to impose «total ban on entry of Muslims in the United States.» The next day after the terrorist attack in Orlando trump has promised in case of victory in the elections to completely stop immigration from those regions where the terrorist threat to the United States, Europe and their allies.

Tough stance trump has taken not only in respect of entrants from Muslim countries, but also illegal immigrants, primarily from Mexico. Reuters precedes the beginning of negotiations about new developments in relations between Mexico and the USA: Wednesday in Washington arrive the Minister for foreign Affairs of Mexico Luis Videgaray and Minister of economy Ildefonso, Guajardo.

Trump during his campaign has consistently advocated the erection of a barrier on the border with Mexico, which, in his opinion, will stop the flow of illegal immigrants on American soil. The billionaire stressed that, becoming the head of the White house, forced to pay for the construction of the wall the Mexican government. He also wanted to deport from the USA to three million illegal immigrants and tougher penalties for violators of immigration laws.

The President of the United States restrict the entry of refugees from countries in the Middle East 25.01.2017

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