The President of the Gambia, eighteen months after the elections, accepted the resignation

The current President of Gambia, Yahya Jammehlost the election of December 1, his opponent, the leader of the opposition Adam barrow, after nearly two months agreed to leave his post. Earlier, the head of state refused to recognize the election results and tried to challenge them in the Supreme court of the country.

«I would like to inform you that Yahya Jammeh has agreed to leave his post. It is expected that he will leave the Gambia today,» — wrote on his Twitter page barrow, whose inauguration because of the political crisis in the country was held in the Embassy of the Gambia to neighboring Senegal yesterday.

Thursday, December 19, speaking at the ceremony, a live broadcast which was broadcast on Senegalese television, barrow called on the military of the Gambia to stay in barracks and not to defend the regime of Jammeh. Otherwise they will be considered rebels, said barrow.

On 20 December it became known that the troops of Senegal entered the territory of the Gambia. According to Jerusalem Post, the operation was called «Restore democracy.» At about midnight, Reuters reported on the suspension of the operation in order to «give a chance to the mediators.»

Then «lightning» referring to the representative of the regional organization of the «Economic community of West African States» (ECOWAS), the Agency has provided information about the readiness to give President Jammeh the immunity from prosecution if they agree to leave the post.

In the presidential elections held in the country on 1 December, won by opposition leader barrow. However, the President Yahya Jammeh, who heads the country since 1994, said that the voting process took place from «serious breaches», and called for new elections.

The military operation began after the incumbent Gambian President Yahya Jammeh refused to leave his post at the end of the mandate on January 19. At the inauguration in neighbouring Senegal, barrow said: «This is the day that I will not forget, not a single resident of the Gambia».

On the eve of the barrow announced that «the presidency is officially over Jammeh and the Gambia is entering a new era». The African Union and ECOWAS, stated that since 19 January, they recognize only the head of state — barrow.

Previously, the majority of West African countries has announced its willingness for military intervention in the Gambia in case you did not manage to convince President Jammeh to resign after the expiration of his mandate through diplomatic means. In particular, the deployment of troops was supported by the government of Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana. Senegal is the only country having a land border with Gambia.

The President of the Gambia, eighteen months after the elections, accepted the resignation 21.01.2017

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