The President of the European Parliament, Tajani said that Britain must pay a €60 billion for EU exit

The EU expects the UK payments of at least €60 billion under financial commitments of London to the EU. In an interview with the Berliner Morgenpost said the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani.

«In my opinion, this should be a minimum of €60 billion. If the EU accepts lesser sum, European citizens will have to pay for the difference. But why did the Germans, the Italians, the Spaniards or the Dutch should pay the bills of the British?» – said Tajani.

He also noted that the UK may leave the EU by March 2019 only in case if before the end of 2017 will be able to reach a framework agreement on three main points – to ensure the rights of EU citizens, the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and payments to the European Union.

«Only on this basis we will be able to devote themselves to the future trade relations with Britain. The problem isn’t us… perhaps the government in London is struggling with many challenges,» added Tajani.

12 November, the representative of the European Union in the negotiations on Brexit Michelle Bernier said that the EU needs to be prepared for a possible failure of negotiations on the UK exit from the EU.

A referendum on British exit from the EU was held on 23 June 2016. According to the results, 51.9% of Britons voted for the country’s withdrawal from the community of 48.1% – wanted to remain in the EU.

The official procedure of withdrawal of Britain from the EU was launched on 29 March 2017 and will take about two years.

19 June in Brussels began negotiations for a Brexit. Representatives from the UK and the European Union have agreed on a schedule for further meetings.

The Financial Times wrote that the European Union would require the UK before exiting the unit to pay up to €100 billion to foreign Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson said that eventually may come out that Brussels will pay the UK for Brexit, but not Vice versa.

The Minister for Brexit David Davis said Britain may withdraw from talks on Brexit if Brussels does not cancel the requirement to pay the London €100 billion of compensation.

10 November it became known that Britain intended to withdraw from the EU on March 29, 2019 at 23.00 local time.

The President of the European Parliament, Tajani said that Britain must pay a €60 billion for EU exit 13.11.2017

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