The President of Somalia was a US citizen

Somalia elected a new President: he was a former Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamedpossessing the nationality of Somalia and the United States. He defeated his opponent , Hassaaa Sheikh Mohamud in the second round of the elections, reports BBC Russian.

Members of Parliament voted in the aviation hangar at the airport of Mogadishu as all other areas in Somalia is extremely dangerous.

During the voting over the airport was declared a no-fly zone, and the complex was guarded by particularly strong. The country’s leadership feared attacks by Islamists from the group «Al-Shabab», which is at war with the Somali government.

After the election on the streets of the capital left a lot of people who were celebrating the election of a new leader of the country. In Somalia, virtually ceased to exist as a state in 1991, free elections were not held since 1969.

The President of Somalia was a US citizen 09.02.2017

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